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Burning Sun Scandal

Burning Sun Scandal Südkoreanischer Shorttrack-Star von Trainer misshandelt

Der Burning Sun-Skandal, auch bekannt als Burning Sun Gate, ist ein Unterhaltungs- und Sexskandal von in Seoul, Südkorea, an dem mehrere Prominente beteiligt waren, darunter koreanische Idole populärer K-Pop-Gruppen und Polizeibeamte. Es war. This is the drug and prostitution scandal that took place in Korea, and Because the Burning Sun has already been found to have bribed the. Bis vor Kurzem fungierte er zudem auch als PR-Manager für den Club "Burning Sun" im Seouler Nobelbezirk Gangnam. Südkorea Seoul. Der Club namens Burning Sun ist mittlerweile geschlossen. Prostitution ist in Instagram/seungriseyo. Laut dem Promi-Portal „Hollywoodlife“ wurde bereits Ende Januar in Seungris Club „Burning Sun“ von der Polizei ermittelt. Der Grund: Gewalt.

Burning Sun Scandal

Bis vor Kurzem fungierte er zudem auch als PR-Manager für den Club "Burning Sun" im Seouler Nobelbezirk Gangnam. Südkorea Seoul. Derzeit nennen die Südkoreaner das Wort "Burning Sun Case" zur Nennung Seungri´s Scandal. Die Wahrheit hinter diesem Scandal ist nicht. The topic is the Burning Sun Scandal. Please review the articles and questions in the even description. We will start the discussion around am. I will arrive.

According to news reports, the messages show Seungri planning to bribe foreign investors with prostitutes, and to dispatch Korean women to Japan and Indonesia as escorts.

Moreover, the messages also suggest that group members had ties to police who could help them keep their business out of trouble. The superintendent was later booked by the police.

Another former office was charged with receiving bribes from Burning Sun. Although Jung had provided other celebrities, including boy band F.

Ten women were reported to be victims. Now, however, as the chat group data has surfaced, Jung has chosen to confess. He was immediately removed from several TV shows and announced his retirement from showbiz.

On Mar. He could receive a sentence of up to seven years and six months. Other celebrities involved in sharing the illegal footage have also released apologies.

Choi, who shared illegal sex footage and tried to bribe a police officer with cash when caught for drunk driving in , and Yong, who received multiple hidden cam video and made inappropriate comments about them, have both quit their bands.

He considered the illegal footage as part of the Burning Sun crisis. He also referenced the death of actress Jang Ja-yeon, who took her own life in She left behind a suicide note naming 30 powerful people she had been forced to have sex with.

More attention is being given to cases involving escort services and rape. A petition seeking to extend the investigation has received , signatures.

He also claimed to have told Jung to cease his covert footage activity. But on Thursday Mar. Seoul police announced that, in addition to the pimping charges, Seungri has now been charged with illegal distribution of pornography.

Home Music Asia. Mar 28, am PT. Related Stories. More From Our Brands. He later discovered that the two bodyguards lied.

They claimed that Kim Sang Kyo was sexually harassing a woman and began causing a scene when the bodyguards tried to stop him.

After being detained for nearly 8 hours, Kim Sang Kyo was finally hospitalized and diagnosed with fractures in his ribs, rhabdomyolysis, finger paralysis, extreme bruising and bleeding.

In the video, a club employee drags a struggling and allegedly drugged woman to the VIP room, reportedly to sexually assault her.

The woman reported the assault, but the police reportedly took no action and Burning Sun allegedly deleted the CCTV footage.

On November 24, the day of Mr. A promotional poster showed that Hyoyeon performed at the club right as Friday 23rd turned to Saturday 24th.

He shared some of the reports he received on his Instagram Story. Kim Sang Kyo also shared the story of a woman who claims to be a victim of a Burning Sun employee.

In a long post, she told the story of how she was sexually assaulted by one of the employees but was ultimately unable to report the case to the police because the club had deleted the CCTV footage.

Affiliates also revealed, however, that Seungri participated in the management of the club even though he was not the actual owner of the business.

In late January, a former employee revealed that the police had recently paid a visit due to an incident relating to marijuana. Another employee spoke up about a sexual assault video that was allegedly taken inside the VIP restroom.

Moreover, club employees who were aware of what was happening likely stayed silent to protect their jobs. In February, more employees spoke out.

One said that he once witnessed a drugged woman being raped by a man in the VIP bathroom. She soon started foaming in the mouth and collapsed.

Last October, a man gave a woman alcohol to drink. She later fell over while foaming at the mouth.

If that happened, we would have already reported it. Seungri was at the location club until 3AM on November 24 of last year, the day of the incident and the incident occurred after 6AM.

He also stated that Seungri had been subjected to a drug test by prosecutors and the results proved everything to be normal.

Currently, issues regarding drug investigations are being brought up irrelevant to the assault case but Seungri has recently received a strict investigation by prosecutors with confiscation warrants due to numerous groundless reports.

Results from his urine and hair tests clearly proved that everything was normal. In a shocking turn of events, the woman Kim Sang Kyo supposedly saved from sexual harassment at the Burning Sun claimed he was the one who had harassed her.

She used new CCTV footage to support her claims. The man in that video seemed to be wearing the same outfit that Kim Sang Kyo was wearing that night.

I was shocked so I tried to get him away from me. Two more women from the Burning Sun later made similar sexual harassment claims against him.

On February 2, Seungri posted an official statement on Instagram. Seungri also explained why he became invested in a club in the first place, and talked about how his position differs from management.

He stated that he would fully cooperate with authorities regarding the cases surrounding Burning Sun. A post shared by seungriseyo on Feb 2, at am PST.

Seungri ended his statement by talking about how he will use this incident to learn and grow as a person. With this incident, I have come to understand the responsibilities and the attitude a celebrity needs to uphold, and I feel very remorseful about this incident.

I sincerely apologize once more to all of the people affected, and I will work harder to show a more mature and thoughtful side of myself.

In one conversation, the employees used code words to evaluate potential victims before drugging them. In another conversation, the staff discussed watching sex occur in the VIP room while recording it.

When a VIP is successful in the rape of a woman, they are more likely to come back to the club.

Seungri explained that the woman, whom he does not know, asked to take a picture with him. I was in the club at the time, and she came up to me and asked if she could take a picture with me, so I took one with her.

The pictures I take with my fans will often end up uploaded on the internet or shared via SNS and other communities.

In the club, many people will naturally come up to me and ask for pictures, and I am very willing to take pictures without hesitating or denying requests.

The Yeoksam Police Station was also searched for evidence. The investigative team collected CCTV footage, body cam videos, and blackbox videos from the patrol car used to arrest Kim Sang Kyo during that night.

The conversation took place in While Investor B was a woman, her acquaintances were apparently men. The police revealed their plans to thoroughly review the content that was reported in the media as well as the people whose names were included in the text message chatroom.

While Seungri was participating in a police investigation for nearly 9 hours, YG Entertainment had hired a specialty disposal company to come early in the morning to destroy company documents and files.

The two trucks belonged to a company that specializes in safely destroying documents, electronics, and files without having any information leaked out in the process.

According to SBS FunE, the chatroom holds tens of thousands of messages and goes back as far back as December , when Seungri allegedly attempted to offer women as sexual entertainment.

They also claimed that the chats shed light on clubs around Gangnam, where many celebrities frequently attended, as well as suspicion of cohesion with police.

Reporter Oh Hyuk Jin was one of the first to break the news regarding all of the corruption and illegal activities that happened around Burning Sun.

On March 4, he posted a message on Instagram for everyone who has been worried about his involvement with the case, expressing his determination to reveal the truth no matter what.

When Kim Sang Kyo was being beaten by a group of Burning Sun employees outside, this man could be seen exiting through the VIP exit and slipping away in his car after briefly watching over the beating.

On the same say, over 20 police and digital forensics agents searched and seized club ARENA, looking for any evidence that may be related to the case.

Leaked Kakaotalk messages pointed to this club as being the meeting point for rich investors to meet potential working girls.

According to the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, some of these celebrities had been called in as a part of their investigation.

These investigations are looking to find out what exactly was discussed in the chatroom. Among the celebrities summoned by police includes Mr.

A , who was formerly a singer, but now is promoting active on television broadcasts. At the time that this report was made, the police were still attempting to secure the original KakaoTalk chatroom logs, as they were working off an Excel copy.

On March 10, SBS FunE revealed that Seungri and 2 other male singers, who were not named, allegedly shared illegally filmed hidden camera videos of secretly filmed women.

Within the evidence that was submitted to the police, there were more than 10 illegal hidden camera pictures and videos.

Some of these videos and pictures were sent in the chatroom with Seungri and other celebrities. Kim, an unnamed entertainment company employee, and 2 other people.

On March 11, Seungri announced his retirement on Instagram. His decision to retire stemmed from the scandals that have surrounded him since the Burning Sun Assault case began.

A post shared by seungriseyo on Mar 11, at am PDT. It was not a decision that had been made after consulting with the agency.

According to SBS News, the chat history showed that back in late , Jung Joon Young bragged that he engaged in sexual relations with a specific woman, to which Mr.

Kim asked if he had footage of it. In response, Jung Joon Young shared a 3-second clip of the relations and also confessed that he filmed it illegally.

Jung Joon Young also shared naked footage and photos of a sleeping woman from a hostess bar. For the duration of 10 months starting in late , Jung Joon Young shared hidden footage with celebrities as well as non-famous participants, and 10 victims were confirmed at the time this report was made.

Yong Junhyung and his agency, Around Us Entertainment , officially responded to rumors that he is one of the celebrities in the KakaoTalk chatroom where hidden camera footage was shared.

They revealed that Junhyung had never been in a group chat with Jung Joon Young. Jung Joon Young revealed through a statement from his agency, MAKEUS Entertainment , that he would be cancelling all of his schedules and returning to Korea to begin participating in police investigations.

So, we are currently in contact with Jung Joon Young, who is currently overseas fulfilling his schedule, but we are also having difficulties understanding all of the facts.

We are sorry. However, Jung Joon Young has said that he will halt all of his schedules, and return to Korea immediately.

He has also said he is willing to partake in the police investigation as soon as he returns back to Korea.

The production team of the show held an emergency meeting and decided that Jung Joon Young would not participate in the filming.

Jung Joon Young was also involved in an incident where he was accused of filming his then-girlfriend illegally.

He did not submit his phone as evidence, as he claimed that the phone was broken. The two parties ended up settling the matter, and no charges were filed.

Kim, Mr. These 8 members would reportedly share everything with each other, from their personal lives to women.

Dispatch reported that the chats where Seungri allegedly talks about soliciting prostitution were held in this same chatroom. Jung Joon Young reportedly made dozens of his own chatrooms.

In these chatrooms, hidden camera videos were filmed and shared. Some of the chatrooms only had one other participant, while others had multiple.

Among the victims filmed illegally were some women who were aspiring to be celebrities. Over a span of 10 months, the two reportedly filmed a total of 10 hidden cameras videos and pictures.

There were also other attempted hidden camera videos that failed. Yong Junhyung was never a member of any of the chatrooms, but at the time this report was made it was suspected that he knew what Jung Joon Young was doing.

Kim uploaded a video of himself engaging in sexual relations to the group chat. Singer Choi pointed out that the woman in the video had fainted, but Mr.

Kim asked what was wrong with that. Kim said he only turned on the flash and filmed her because she had fainted.

On March 11 of the same year, Mr. Park shared details of how he drugged a woman with sleeping pills before having sexual relations with her.

In response, Jung Joon Young made a comment that belittled the woman. SBS also reportedly discovered a conversation that suggests that the members of the group chat knew that what they were doing was illegal.

On January 1, , Jung Joon Young suggested meeting in an online game, going to a strip bar, and raping a woman in a car, to which Mr.

Sure, we never killed anyone, but we did plenty of things that could land us in jail. We are making it clear that our celebrities, Lee Jonghyun and Choi Jonghoon, had only contacted the certain socially controversial celebrities as friends.

They have nothing to do and no connection with the recent scandal. They also stated that Choi Jonghoon was called to the police station for questioning as a witness, not a suspect.

Choi Jonghoon was only called to the police station to help their investigations as a witness. Choi Jonghoon finished his questioning with the police and was declared to have no suspicious connection with the sexual entertainment case.

In it, he admitted to all that he had been accused of. I acknowledge all my sins and actions in connection with what is being said about me about the allegations.

I took videos of women without their consent, I spread it in the KakaoTalk chat room, and acted without guilt or remorse.

He apologized to his victims, and to everyone who had supported him and made him a public figure. Most of all, I apologize to the women who appeared in the video, that had to face this horrible reality with this incident.

I want to kneel and apologize to everyone who felt angry and disappointed. I will be faithful to the investigation by the authorities, which will start from the morning of the 14th, without any lies, and I will accept the punishment I receive, for the behavior I have committed.

Hello, you who is hiding in the shadows behind an anonymous name. I was only involved in the chatrooms because of the business side to running Mildang Pocha.

I had no knowledge of the sexual entertainment or the details released from the press. The phone that I mentioned on the show had nothing to do with this unfortunate case.

We have also decided that we are unable to maintain our contract with Jung Joon Young due to this scandal. As an artist management company, we admit that we have not managed our artists as thoroughly as we should, and we are deeply reflecting on that.

An unspeakable incident had occurred. It must be revealed through investigations. It was sent for further investigation 20 days after being inspected for data, as proof of illegal hidden cams and police corruption.

Instead of being charged, he was secretly let off and the incident was never made public because of a message he sent to the police, someone that he knew from the chatroom.

There was a conversation that suggested not to worry about the civil complaint regarding the business since the police chief would take care of it.

On March 12, Jung Joon Young was charged for filming and circulating hidden sex cams of 10 women within the period of 10 months in The agency, who previously claimed that he had no connection to the chatroom, stated that they had not been notified of his DUI.

The agency also stated that although Choi Jonghoon was caught drunk driving, there was no collusion with the police.

We have confirmed through Choi Jonghoon that he was caught at a sobriety checkpoint in Itaewon, Seoul in February and received a penalty of 2,, won as well as a suspension on his license, which he carried out.

As a member who was not as well-known, he said he did not notify the agency out of fear and hoped for the incident to pass by quietly and is deeply regretting and reflecting upon his wrong judgement.

However, he has confirmed that there was no instance of request to the media or police as stated in reports released today. FNC Entertainment stated that Choi Jonghoon would cooperate with police investigations, and would be halting his activities.

It was also revealed that the same police officer who booked Choi Jonghoon for drunk driving gave him a call later that night, congratulating him on his birthday.

Seungri made a short statement during his time with reporters before entering the police station.

I would like to apologize to the people of Korea, and to the people that have been hurt through this case.

More than what I can say now, I will participate in the investigations truthfully. In his message , he apologized to his members and fans who have had difficulties because of his controversies.

Burning Sun Scandal Burning Sun Scandal Aktivistin Seoyun glaubt jedoch, dass sich die koreanische Gesellschaft seit den massiven Protestbewegungen des letzten Jahres verändern würde. Learn more here entschuldigt sich. Die Familie des Ermordeten gab hingegen bekannt, dass es keine Probleme mit der Lebensgefährtin gegeben hatte. Die erste Single der Band verkaufte sich über Gefunden wurde er in einem 1,5 Meter tiefen Reservoir, weit weg vom Krankenhaus. Erdogan fürchtet die Generation Read more Millionen türkische Jugendliche sind bald wahlmündig - Präsident Recep Tayyip Erdogan möchte die Generation unbedingt für sich gewinnen. Wir verwenden Cookies, um unser Angebot für Sie zu verbessern. Lee Seung-hyun (koreanisch: 이승현; * Dezember in Gwangju), besser bekannt als Grund ist seine Verwicklung in dem Club Burning Sun, der im Zusammenhang mit Drogenmissbrauch, sexueller Ausbeutung und Polizeikorruption Big Bang singer Seungri retires to clear his name, saying '​scandal is too big'. Die Verstrickungen um den Burning-Sun-Nachtclub in Seoul, wo Seungri für die Öffentlichkeitsarbeit verantwortlich war, begannen im Januar. The topic is the Burning Sun Scandal. Please review the articles and questions in the even description. We will start the discussion around am. I will arrive. The Burning Sun Scandal is a major story in the Korean entertainment industry - with multiple examples of poor/unethical behavior and business practices by. Im Januar dieses Jahres gab es bereits eine Razzia in Seungris Club "Burning Sun". Laut Hollywoodlife wurde von der Polizei vor Ort wegen.

Burning Sun Scandal Video

I told Jung Joon Young to stop doing things like [taking learn more here camera videos], he could get in big trouble. Jangpunched Kim Sang Kyo, dragged him to the street, and began physically assaulting. The scandal began to reveal other issues, such as sexual harrasment and prostitution. The scandal started when the fans found out about the differences between voting sessions. These investigations are looking to find out what exactly was discussed in the chatroom.

Burning Sun Scandal - Phänomen K-Pop

März beginnen sollte, flüchten. It has been a long time since a political scandal of this magnitude took place in Korea. All ihre sozialen Aktivitäten sollen sich in Gangnam zutragen. Er dankt den Fans für zehn Jahre Treue. Ihre Plätze werden von Sängerinnen eingenommen, denen früher keine Chance gegeben wurde", sagt sie. Doch nach massiven Protesten kam es zu einem Umdenken: Viele Webseiten, auf denen die voyeuristischen Videos landeten, wurden mittlerweile geschlossen. Die Hälfte von ihnen habe im Fall einer Absage berufliche Nachteile erlitten. Danach De Europalace der User in die Richtung, in der es nicht länger nur um Seung Ri als Hauptperson in dieser Sache gilt. März beginnen sollte, flüchten. Superdeal E-Paper. Zum Hauptinhalt springen. Kurz vor seinem Tod wollte er alle Informationen, die er hatte, an die Polizei in Busan weitergeben. März For example, club Arena, learn more here mu-in. August Erstmals prangerten Frauen im öffentlichen Raum systematisch das Patriarchat an, teilten ihre Leidensgeschichten und zeigten in Demonstrationen MГјnze Uhr Solidarität. Schon seit Jahren ist einer der wertvollsten Kirchenschätze des Mittelalters ein Fall für hochkarätige Juristen. Er dankt den Fans für zehn Jahre Treue. Er wolle mit den Behörden kooperieren. Das Coming-out eines Basketballers hat in Chile für Schlagzeilen gesorgt. Auch Seungri selbst streitet die Vorwürfe ab, dennoch zieht er nach dem Wirbel um ihn jetzt Konsequenzen. Gefunden wurde er in einem 1,5 Meter tiefen Reservoir, weit weg vom Krankenhaus. Ihre Plätze werden von Sängerinnen eingenommen, denen remarkable, SofortГјberweisung Deutsche Bank are keine Chance gegeben wurde", sagt sie. Wrong language? Lee ist hier der Familienname, Seung-hyun continue reading der Vorname. Das Konzept war erfolgreich und wurde von der Industrie weiter gepusht.

A sizable number of the cases were at Burning Sun and Arena, and there are as yet unproven allegations that some women were drugged and abused on site in Burning Sun VIP rooms.

The continued use of date rape drugs and molka demonstrates that toxic masculinity has not abated in South Korea, even if the gendered abuse of power on display in the Burning Sun case has also had a positive effect on the growing feminist movement—akin to throwing gas on smouldering fire.

Thanks to this scandal there is greater awareness and understanding of the use and effects of date-rape drugs, and some South Korean internet users have taken to saying that it is important to focus the attention on the alleged perpetrators than potential victims, indicating some change for the better is afoot when it comes to the victim-shaming mentality that normally characterized reactions to sexual assault cases of the past.

This scandal also reveals a deeper problem with the production of musicians in South Korea. Young people are subjected to intense training throughout their teenage years, debut and rise to stardom.

The idols learn to sing, dance, give interviews, act, and speak foreign languages. But do they have any time or training to develop a moral code?

JYP Entertainment—one of the top three management agencies—has more of a reputation for demanding personal character and integrity from its stable of artists, but YG Entertainment, which manages Big Bang including Seungri who was dropped by the agency as the scandal started to intensify , is reportedly in favor of allowing its idols greater personal freedom and increasing the potential for a major scandal like this.

Given the culture of sexual objectification in which K-pop marinates, it may be no surprise that young men in this industry are demonstrating such poor regard for women, especially after spending their important formative years as trainees in the business.

K-pop videos and live performances are shot from the perspective of heterosexual men a phenomenon called male gaze particularly in film studies.

Supposedly empowering songs by women in K-pop nevertheless feature videos that feature dance choreography simulating sexual acts, rather than turning them into beacons of strength.

Even though most K-pop fans are women, and male groups and solo idols have the largest fan clubs, for some reason even groups of men, like Big Bang, are still filmed through the male gaze, surrounded by objectified female bodies, styled and shot in a way that robs those women of individuality and agency.

The message is that women are valued for being accessories or sexualized props. Therefore, it is not surprising that young men raised in this culture treat women as sexual objects, to be used and discarded at will.

Worse, when products of such an industry is presented as mainstream culture, their detrimental effects on the national psyche and attitudes toward gender are all but predictable.

There is much to be said about the Burning Sun scandal. On May 15, Seungri's trial was transferred from the Seoul Central District Court to a military court, with the civilian court trial for a remaining six defendants, including Yoo In-seok, scheduled to proceed.

His charges include allegations of sex trafficing a total of twenty-four times to foreign investors from to to open the Burning Sun club.

How do I live after this? Kang said that the sex video investigation was seen by some people as a means to avert attention away from the larger corruption scandal with its multiple allegations, but she perceived it as a serious social issue that needed reporting on.

At the end of March , Seungri told the director of SBS's investigative program, Unanswered Questions , in a text message, that the lawyer whistleblower and journalist were responsible for all the criminal allegations against him, had not checked facts properly and had "ruined his career for their own personal gain".

Seungri was investigated for allegedly: supplying prostitutes for investors, sharing an illicit photo of a woman in Jung's chatroom, giving concert tickets to a police officer Yoon, and embezzlement of funds from the clubs Monkey Museum and the Burning Sun.

Former Gangnam police officer Kang, age 44, was arrested for allegations of brokering between the Burning Sun and other police officers, [] [] and booked for assisting with an underage drinking incident at the Burning Sun, which co-CEO Lee Sung-hyun admitted to paying him for.

In peripheral investigations, police announced over drug related arrests on March 25, , after declaring "total war" against drug crime on February 25, due to the scandal at the Burning Sun.

Of the arrests for the use and distribution of drugs, were detained. Some of those were detained; for drug related crimes, 23 for sexual assault or rape while under the influence of drugs, and 11 for taking illegal videos during drug use.

Most were in their 20s and 30s, and about 40 percent of the crimes involved the use of the drug ecstasy. The scandal ignited public protests early in March, [19] and later, after police attempts to arrest Seungri and Yoo fell through.

A May 17 press conference held by women's rights groups, in front of the SMPA, criticized the results of the three month Burning Sun investigation, conducted by some officers, as "dismal", with allegations of the club's "cozy" ties with police, and the illegal filming of women and distribution still unresolved.

The scandal added to ongoing discussions of women's issues in South Korea — gender inequality , the budding Me Too movement in South Korea , feminism , " molka ", prostitution , and the K-pop industry's attitude towards women.

The patterns of male behavior feel disturbingly familiar. The gender power dynamics — that often objectify women into sex tools — feel exhaustingly repetitive", and said the scandal was more than "misogyny and spy cameras", but a larger story of the Burning Sun nighclub's "alleged involvement in prostitution, drug trafficking and police corruption".

Between February 25 and March 15, , five major South Korean entertainment companies lost Stocks dropped for the "big three" K-pop management companies: YG Entertainment Seungri's company , Actress Park Han-byul , who married Yoo of Yuri Holdings in , first stated that she knew nothing more than his being Seungri's business partner, [] but made a public apology on March 19, after it was reported that she and her husband had played golf previously with the high-ranking police offiicial under investigation for collusion with the nightclubs in the scandal.

She said she would not leave a major role in the television drama Love in Sadness , [] despite calls from some viewers for her to do so.

YG Entertainment discontinued sales of merchandise featuring Seungri, and major networks and cable companies deleted episodes of programs both Seungri and Jung had appeared in.

I , whose real name is Kim Han-bin, age 23, a songwriter and leader of K-pop band iKon , quit his group after the media outlet Dispatch revealed KakaoTalk messages of him attempting to purchase LSD from a suspected drug dealer, which he admitted to.

YG Entertainment, still under scrutiny for allegations concerning their former artist Seungri and head Yang in the Burning Sun scandal, quickly ended their contract with B.

I, stating their "sense of responsibility in managing its associated artists"; [] [] and Yang resigned from the agency on June 14, amidst allegations of police collusion to cover up the case.

Seoul's EDM festivals responded that they would not hold after-parties in in Gangnam's clubs, due to the Burning Sun police investigation.

An organizer for the largest, Ultra Korea, said that due to the scandal's allegations of sex crimes involving GHB or "mulpong", and cannabis use at festivals, plans were being made to mobilize detection dogs , bag checks and X-rays for monitoring drug trafficking this year.

Gangnam's nightclubs, usually "a pilgrimage site for K-pop fans", immediately saw a tapering of Chinese tourists, [] followed by a general decline of customers to nightclubs and lounge bars.

After internet users raised rumors about the possible involvement of several actresses in the scandal, Go Joon-hee , who was managed by YG Entertainment in , first objected on social media, then filed a libel suit for defamation against twelve of them, citing damages to her career, [] [] and Han Hyo-joo filed a criminal complaint against thirty-three more.

Some scenes from a South Korean film, Quantum Physics , about a celebrity drug scandal at a nightclub, were filmed at the Burning Sun nightclub before it closed down.

Although it was not based on the real-life scandal, Director Lee Sung-tae said he reconsidered one of the film's scenes, as they were editing as it was ongoing.

A November retrospective article, written by Matthew Campbell and Sohee Kim for Bloomberg Businessweek , pointed out that the K-pop industry, in general, had ignored the scandal, with "no organized demands for better behavior from male stars or serious discussions about revamping how idols are trained.

Allegations of police misconduct and corruption in the scandal added public support to a government proposal to create an independent investigative agency, first announced by President Moon in July , and still undergoing political debate.

Proposed to "uncover wrongdoing by high-level government officials and their relatives", with the power to take over prosecutions, opponents had questioned its own potential for corruption.

K-pop fans' reactions were mixed, some called for YG Entertainment to remove Seungri from the group Big Bang for tarnishing the group's image and having used the group's celebrity to promote his business, [] even waiting outside his agency's office for an explanation.

The public appeared to boycott a noodle chain called Aori Ramen between January and April , according to multiple store owners who filed a compensation lawsuit in July blaming Seungri, who had run and promoted the franchise, for falling sales.

Google Korea's most popular domestic searched terms for included Jung Joon-young ranked at number two over-all, and number one for top public figure; with Burning Sun ranked at number three for domestic news and issues.

Media related to Burning Sun scandal at Wikimedia Commons. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Burning Sun Scandal.

South Korean entertainment and sex scandal. Choi Jong-hoon , Roy Kim , Eddy Kim , Yong Jun-hyung , Lee Jong-hyun , Other idols involved in the Jung Joon-young KakaoTalk chatrooms.

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Korea JoongAng Daily. Seoul police announced that, in addition to the pimping charges, Seungri has now been charged with illegal distribution of pornography.

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